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It's the weekend Baby

It was a sunny, warm day in Dublin today. Reached into the 80s here. John and I went pecan picking, bought some paint, brushes, polyurethane for the house. Picked up off the ground close to 2 lbs of pecans. When John threw part of the 2x4 up into the tree and the nuts came falling to the ground, it was like dashing for candy after hitting a pinata blindfolded. It was fun. Did not go to Macon because the store was only open on saturdays by appointment and we did not set up an appointment however we went to Home Depot and looked at some ceiling fans. We know what we want for the masterbedroom and John's office. The other 5 we need, we may get them locally. The lighting fixtures we are pretty sure on but we have some catalogs and books to go through this weekend just to make sure we covered everything.
We drove out to a miniature horse farm in Minter today and got soaked pretty well on the way home. Once we got back to Dublin, the rain stopped. The couple only had one horse left out of the 70 or so they once had. It was fun leading a little 30" high stallion around the paddock. They were in the business for over 20 years getting their horses from all over the country. Raising horses, big or small takes alot of time, effort, sacrifice and money. I know that first hand myself growing up on a horse farm in Indiana. We were only about 40 miles from Vidalia, the only town in the country known for their sweet onions. Others can duplicate but none are the original like Vidalia onions.
The bathroom woodwork except the trim in the utility closet and part of the area near where the pedestal sink will go is all done. The beadboard has covered the orginal white board in the utility closet. Ceiling and corner trim need to be put up in there because of the uneveness. Next, comes installation of the SHOWER! and securing the washer/dryer and hot water heater connections. The heating and air guys are still working. Probably another weeks worth of work and they will be done. The hexagon white tiles for the floor in the bathroom is on special order and it should be installed in mid november. Our ceiling fans, the masterbedroom and John's office have to be special order from Hunter.
John brought all the scrap wood from the front yard that was used in the bathroom, leftover beadboard, 2x4 and other scraps of wood on the front porch to dry out to use later for other house projects. The the back storage area is cleaned out and organized so the electric can be wired. The front part of the house is completely wired and ready to flip the switch. The back part is not ready yet. John will be painting the hallway upstairs a pale yellow with white trim, the bannister a nantucket plue and white trim and the entire downstairs pale yellow with white trim. Come to find out, the previous owners, be it the Smith's or later, used a similar yellow color we are using after John uncovered it while scraping off the old paint in the upstairs hallway.
Keep checking my blog for updates to the restoration. We are getting closer to completion every day!!


Day 15: HSH Interior Renovation Update

It is a cloudy, rainy, dark day in Dublin today. The rain has been falling all day. No workers came to perform any work. John got back from Atlanta late last night safe and sound. We ran some errands and I picked some more pecans. I picked 25 of them off a tree in about 2 minutes. They are close to just dropping on the ground by themselves. If the rain stops before it gets dark, I will go back over to that tree and get some more to fill my pockets with. Dad used to say, 'Money does not grow on trees'. I now dispute that fact. No pecan trees grow in Indiana. The trees would not survive the winters there.
Check out one of the pecans in the picture I picked up that has white meat sticking out. Those nuts were so big they were beginning to bust out of their inner shells. I picked all of these off that tree I plan to go back to once the rain stops. I was able to pluck them out of their outer shells extremely easily.
John came back from Atlanta. Got alot of work done. We plan to go over some pictures of lighting later today. As the plumbers were drilling yesterday, my Tybee Island Turtle fell off its shelf and broke. I discovered it last night before bed. I also had a glass casing full of pretty shells with about 3 small delicate sand dollars inside that I found on the beach in Siesta Key, FL in 1996, that fell off the shelf and crumbled. Not happy at all!
So I am just hanging out, trying to keep the few mosquitoes from biting me. I wish they would just die off. We have not had our first freeze yet. When we do, that will be the end of them for this season. Drove past the Garrett house today and they just put up their Christmas tree with beautiful white lights. A little early to be thinking about Christmas. Well, Thanksgiving is less than a month away! I think the weather will improve tomorrow for the workers. Looks like no tuesday night tennis. I have gone two weeks without picking up a racket. Last tuesday could not play because of all the stuff going on with the house and today, rain, rain, rain!!
Enjoy my blog and keep checking back for updates.


Day 14: HSH Interior Renovation Update

It is a cool, cloudy day in Dublin today. The plumbers came and did their basic installation. The hot water heater, washer/dryer, shower and sink lines are about completed. The line for the tub was not done because John wants the tub under the window. There is about a foot from where the tub is in relation to the ac/heater vent is now. I told the guys to not do any work on the tub area until tomorrow. The heating and air guys are continuing their work. They have about another two weeks of work left. The first picture, top left, is the connection for the sink, the second picture, 2nd from left, is the hot water heater and washer connections and the last picture (with the dog water bowl) is for the SHOWER connection!! Took Max, John's dog, on his usual walk to Stubbs Park. I found two black and white pitbull mix pups, about 6-8 weeks old, abandoned, under the white gazebo there.
I called 911 and they instructed me to call animal control. They took the message instead. I waited about an hour and no one showed up so I took them to the Laurens County Humane Society. Those little puppies were not there yesterday, so I think someone dumped them there within the last 24 hours. They looked like they were in good health but hungry and thirsty. I hope these puppies are placed in wonderful homes. They have such a sweet disposition and shame on the individual(s) for dumping these poor, defenseless animals that may not be old enough to be weaned off their mother. I played and loved them for a little while before I had to take them to the humane society to be placed up for adoption. Another good deed accomplished so I feel better about today.
Not much else to report today. All quiet on the southern front for the most part.


Cleaning Day at the HSH and almost Pecan Picking Time

Beautiful, sunny day in Dublin, GA. Cooler than yesterday. It is about 70 degrees right now. Spent the entire day cleaning, vacuuming and dusting the masterbedroom and bathroom, going over some renovation stuff with John and just hanging out with our dogs.
John did some painting and puttying in the front hall and is resuming the ardious task of cleaning out the back part of the house that we are now using for storage. Will, the rebath guy, brought over a bathroom tile sample today and laid it on the front porch. It is not what we want. I know exactly what we want it is a matter of finding them, however long it takes. John is dead set on the tile and won't waiver from it.
The pecans are starting to pop open from their shells and the leaves will begin to fall from the trees soon. When the leaves fall, then it will be time to harvest the pecans. There are many different varieties of pecans. The bunch John is holding in the picture above is what has fallen in our yard so far. This is what unshelled, ready to pick pecans look like. When you crack them open, the meat inside is fresh and delicious. I will get to use my little pecan picker upper I got for my birthday. John saw some poor black man starting to pick them up today. If the shell is still green they are not ready. Maybe we will get a little cash from it.
The day is winding down, I am hungry, so is my dog, John and Max. All is quiet for the most part here today.


Day 13: HSH Interior Renovation Update

Warm, partly sunny day in Dublin today. It is 82 degrees and a little on the humid side. There is a pleasant south wind blowing in. I feel like driving to Savannah for the day and hanging out on River street with Lady, my dog, while the renovations wind down. I took Lady to Savannah a couple of times. She loved chasing the pigeons on river street and just laying in the sun watching the huge cargo ships come in. The plumbers finally are here today. Not sure what they are doing at the moment. Hopefully, what they have to do won't take too long. There is a 30% chance of rain today. So far so good. Once the bathroom plumbing is upgraded, then the re-bath guy comes back in finishes up his work, then the hot water heater goes in along with my washer and dryer. All the temporary lighting fixtures are in. The inspector was here this morning. He said he cannot do anything until Georgia power turns on the lights. Once the lighting passes inspection then we are good. The heating and air guys are still working on duct work. There is alot that goes into putting central air and heat in a house that never had it. This house has not had upgraded anything in over 30 years. Gary's trailer is emptied out. All my stuff is back in the GWTW room organized in a square so John can work on the baseboards at a later time. The permanent lighting fixtures except for the ceiling fans we have agreed upon. The ceiling fans that we need for the master bedroom and his office have to be a blade width of 60' or more with a 14 degree pitch mim because of the 12 foot ceilings and the huge windows. Anything else would be decoration. We want functionality. I have picked out the ceiling fans I want and John has too..We have to special order all of the ceiling fans. We don't want the same thing everyone else has or what you can find at the usual superstores. The baseboards are installed in the masterbedroom except the top trimwork which John will put in later. Lady is resting after playing with Max for awhile. He is an 85 lb Doberman with a very loud bark. Pure muscle and intimidating looking to the average person. Max is the only Doberman with the 'undone' ears in Dublin that I know of. He is a beautiful dog. He is very playful but can bite if he feels threatened. He is 3 years old and protects us. He has several different barks and I recognize them. Good doggie, Max :)....When he plays with Lady, he knows how far he can go with her. She is an alpha female and he is an alpha, unneutered male. It has taken the two dogs 6 solid months together to trust each other. Now they are best buddies. Max has a tendancy to get a little rough with Lady...Lady does the mohawk, curls her lips up like she is going to bite Max and lets him know he needs to stop. Lady looks like a big bad wolf sometimes. When I take her collar off at night, she looks like a sleak black panther. She is a sweet, loving dog. For a dog of 13 years, she does quite well. She runs and plays but tires easily. Right now she is resting on her dog bed asleep for her afternoon nap. So is Max. I am counting down the days when bathroom will look like something out of the early 20th century. The claw bathtub will be refinished with the beautiful chrome fixtures and gold claw feet with a glistening matching pedestal sink with those old white and chrome fashioned hot/cold faucet knobs and new toilet. The shower will be quite nice also. With the gray marble look, very simple and chrome fixtures. We are having small white octagon tiles laid on the floor. They are on special order. John basically let me pick out everything for this house so far with very few exceptions. This project is alot of work but also fun. More later. Stay tuned.


Day 12: HSH Interior Renovation Update

This is my dog, Lady, all happy and smily before she went on her journey of downtown Dublin with me. After our walk, she zonked out on the bed and slept for awhile. She is about 13 years old and very active for her age.
When I go back to Indiana and wear my 'Follow Me To The Pig', t-shirt, this means follow me to the Piggy Wiggly. When you see Piggly Wiggly stores, you know you are in the south. I remember seeing alot of these stores in the 70's but very few remain today with all the competition out there.
Me and my 'bodyguard', Max.
I believe this is the Garrett House.
The old library, now a private residence.
Cute carpenter gothic style homes on Bellevue.

Did not know, Cacti grew here...Especially that kind!. Notice the sign to the left of the plant.
Now, I can tell all my friends back in Indiana why getting lost in a town with 17k people is easy to do! Bring your GPS with you, you may need it!

Where are the mules, where can I get one? Darn it!..Snowdrift!, interesting word for a town that has NEVER seen a REAL SNOWSTORM with real snowdrifts several feet high! Come to Indiana in January and maybe you will experience it!
A sunny and warm day with a few puffy clouds in Dublin today. Couldn't ask for a more beautiful day. The plumber did not make it today to the work he needs to do. The electricians installed all the lighting fixtures and the majority of the outlets in the front part of the house...Done!!...The back part of the house will be next. The masterbedroom base/floor boards are in except a couple of small areas where electrical is not needed. The finishing work on the bathroom is at a standstill because we are waiting for the plumber. The heating and air conditioning work continues. The front part of the house is just about done. We will have central air and heat soon!!..Yeah..
Tomorrow, the electricians will come with an inspector or sometime in the next few days to make sure everything is ready to go and the lights can be switched on...FINALLY!!!...Seeing this house come alive once again with lights turned on in every room will be magic. John is hard at work doing the trimwork in the front part of the house and cutting any left over wood to be used for future projects. He is very good at carpentry. I just watch him work. Anything electrical with a blade attached to it, I stay away from.
As the electricians were working with John to complete the trimwork in the masterbedroom, I decided to take Lady, my dog, on a LONG walk around downtown Dublin with my digital camera. During my walk, I took pictures of murials, the confusing signage in downtown Dublin to send back to my friends in Indiana, the other carpenter gothic style homes and antebellum/victorian homes on Bellevue ave then back to the house. Poor Lady, she was so pooped, she just nearly collapsed and fell asleep. She loves to go on walks.
So, that is all that went on today. A few pictures from today. Enjoy :)


Day 11: HSH Interior Renovation Update Part 2

It is 4pm...The plumber was a no show today...Went to Home Depot to get temporary ceiling light fixtures, bulbs and a saw blade so John can cut the floor board to use in the masterbedroom. The interior designer we were considering on using has not called John back so tomorrow, my mission is to go to another lighting store in town and look for permanent light fixtures. The crown and corner molding in the bathroom is completely done!! Next, the plumber has to come in and do his work, then the guy who did the woodwork in the bathroom will come in and finish up the area where the sink, hot water heater and washer connections will go. Then by next week, the shower will be installed, the claw bathtub comes out of the bathroom to be sandblasted or a version thereof, painted, sealed and the claw feet painted gold. Turns out the octagon tiles for the floor will be a little harder to get than intially thought. Another slight delay but that is ok. Looks like we will be using a lighting company in Macon if none of the locals hold out. Potential money in their pockets they won't be getting. Took a couple of pictures of the bathroom with the crown molding complete.

Day 11: HSH Interior Renovation Update

A bright, sunny, warmer wednesday on tap today. This past weekend, hopefully the last, we will have to use space heaters. Last weekend, John and I went shopping for lighting fixtures and I surfed the net for ideas and I think we have the look we want for all the fixtures, finally. The electricians are close to installing the lights in the front part of the house so John and I have to finalize our decision within the next day or two.
This week is flying by. Speaking of flying by, I took the baby squirrel to a wildlife specialist last weekend. Last night, John was taking down a floorboard that was in the back part of the house that we are using for storage to be used in the master bedroom. Well, as he was ripping out the floorboard, piles, and I mean inches of bat, squirrel poop and whatever else came pouring out onto the floor along with 5 full grown brown bats who decided they wanted to maintain their residence here.
To keep them from flying away, John shown his light on them and came and got me. As he gathered up the little winged creatures into a plastic container, he did a little filming of them and I of course took a few pictures of them. Today, I took the 5 bats to the same wildlife specialist I saw last weekend. She said she could not take care of them or release them into a bat colony close by but someone familar with bats could rehome them. Bats have a homing instinct and I asked her, will they come back here and she said, they are far enough away that they will most likely integrate into the existing bat colonies in the area. I told we have more bats that I will be delivering to her in the future and she kinda laughed..When John bought the house 2 years ago, he dealt with hundreds of them throughout the house in between the walls, the dormers, the attic basically just about everywhere...He has a video on his blog that shows them flying out of the dormers at dusk. A little erry. Oh, and the picture of the fireplace with bags of 'STUFF', that is actually over 200 lbs of bat poop that John got out of the house so far. I heard it makes great yard fertilizer. Oh, the picture with the ladder looking up through an opening in the ceiling, in the kitchen, is where the squirrel nest was and where the little baby squirrel came crashing through. No broken bones. :)
The plumber is supposed to arrive today to 'rough out' the bathroom..So hopefully, within the next week or two, we will have more up to date plumbing instead of getting our hot water from a camping heater with propane tank attached to a garden hose that we have been utilizing for several months, well, basically, the entire year so far. With the three space heaters going at night, all the lights, we have several power outages because the power pole out front keeps flipping. Rather hard on sensitive computer equipment. I have excellent power surge protectors but it is rather frustrating in the middle of research you loose your lights, heater, tv and whatever else. Not much longer we will have to deal with that.
The heating and air conditioning guys are progressing well and has respected my sleeping times. They get here just barely after the sun comes up, which lately has been around 8am. Seems earlier than 8am. I have been staying up late to research stuff for the house. The crown molding is being installed in the bathroom today. I took a couple of pictures where it has begun. It is looking really nice. I was thinking about putting up a wallpaper border near it but instead because of the beadboard would show through, paint the walls a beautiful satin white, the outside of the crown nantucket blue and the inside part, the roping trim, satin white. The crown molding should be completed today. The beadboarding in the utility room should be completed also today except the areas where the plumber has to work.
A few pictures from the weekend and the progress of the renovation. More updates later. Oh, and one more picture, I love the huge red oak outside the in the front yard that I had to take a picture of that too. To give a sense of perspective of how huge this tree is, I took a picture standing directly beside the tree looking up. What beauty. It must be about 100 feet tall. The stories that tree could tell. Those branches are so big, hanging a rope around one of them with a tire for a swing would be idea. That tree along with several magnolias and the trees in the back yard, were planted when the Hardy Smith family lived in this house.
Enjoy :)


Cold Day in Dublin, GA

We slept in layers last night as the temperatures dipped into the 40s for the first time this season. The bed was layered heavily with flannel sheets, a duvet, quilt and a heavy denim/down comforter. I tried to stay in bed as much as possible throughout the night. Just getting out of bed to go the bathroom reminded me that cold nights are coming.
It is supposed to get even colder tonight with temperatures dropping into the 30s. John brought out the space heaters so we will be firing those up tonight to stay warm. By next weekend, we should have central heat, not space heaters to keep us warm. No more nomadic living!
As I was getting ready for the day, I heard a high pitched squeaky noise coming towards the master bedroom. John came in the room to show me that he had found a baby squirrel who was nesting in the fake chimney in the kitchen area. He was cleaning out the chimney and all sorts of stuff came out onto the floor along with the baby squirrel too. It is almost full grown but its eyes are not open yet. I did two videos of the event, which I cannot figure out how to post because I have Win XP on my PC and the blogger cannot communicate videos in that format even if I compress the file. So we are not sure what to do with the baby squirrel. The mother squirrel was not there. We may take it to the vet and have them look after it and then have them release it into the wild.
Later today, the weather remined cloudy, rainy and quite chilly. It is only 54 degrees but it felt like the 40s. Earlier today, John worked on salvaging the old wood that came out of his office by sawing the pieces into usable units. Went shopping for lighting fixtures in Warner Robins. Because we want the fixtures to depict uniqueness and reflect the Victorian era, the search continues. This is a one shot deal. It is important that our selections reflect the personality of the HSH as much as possible with a modern touch.
The baby squirrel that John found earlier today is curled up in a bath towel in the bathroom to keep warm. I hope the little guy makes it through the night. Going to be sleeping in my flannel pajamas tonight. Oh warm!!!
No more entries to my blog until next week.


Day 8: HSH Interior Renovation Update

It was a sunny, comfortable day in Dublin today with a light cool wind. The weather cooperated and the electricians, heating and air and re-bath guys got alot of work done. The bathroom is beginning to finally look like a real bathroom with doors and light switches and not just a big empty room with a toilet and tub. All the doors are up and functional. The walls/ceiling are completely covered in beadboard except the laundry/utility closet. The crown and corner molding have yet to be installed. Keeping my fingers crossed THAT will happen monday, weather permitting. The window molding in the toilet area finally got done. The walls will be painted white. No wallpaper. The floor boards and the molding installation are 95% complete.
Monday, Oct 19th, the re-bath guy, will install the crown molding. Once the plumber comes in and does his work, the re-bath guy will come back in finish up the floorboarding trimwork. The heating and air guys are working hard to get the duct work completed on the front part of the house before the cold, chilly air sets in. Hopefully, the thermostat will be installed monday. So this weekend, where temperatures are forecast to dip into the 40s and 30s, another weekend, John and I will have to tough it out like campers, hopefully, for the last time.
The wiring for the electric/land line phone service is nearly complete in the master bedroom...however we discovered a slight problem....The wall, where the window A/C unit is located, is filled with close to 6 inches of dirt, animal dung, discarded pecan nut shells, leaves from years and years of accumulation. This was discovered as the electricians were drilling for the new outlets. Soooo...after John's extremely hard work over the summer, sweating to make this room look like a beautiful showcase...Well...the electrician will have to do additional work and drill about 12-15 inches from the floor to just above where the new outlets are located, all the way across the wall. That section of wall will be completely removed. The crap that is trapped between the interior and outer wall will be completely removed with suction bc of health concerns with the central air and heat going in. Don't want to breathe that stuff and fall ill. The other areas between the walls in other parts of the master bedroom are clear.
Next week, I anticipate, the shower, hopefully, be installed, along with the new toilet, sink and cabinetry for the toilet 'privacy' area and the wire shelving for the laundry/utility closet area. The cast iron tub will be pulled out onto the breezeway to begin the refinishing process. I get to paint the claw feet a pristine, glittering gold finish. Then hopefully, soon after that, the floor tile, will be laid. A fully functional bathroom!!!
Did not sleep well last night because we had to be out of the bedroom before 10am. Lady, my dog, was pacing the floor all night long. Just not a good night. She is an older dog, about 13 years old and gets stressed easily. I went to go do 4 loads of laundry today. I was gone a little over 2 hours...It is the weekend, and John and I get to relax without the loud, piercing sound of saws and hammers. Peace and quiet!! The way life SHOULD BE!!...It will be all worth it when all is done...Anyone wish to nominate the HSH to the 'This Old House' TV program are encourged :)...Good PR for Dublin.
Anyway, attached are a couple of new bathroom pictures from today's job. Enjoy the weekend and updates next week.


Day 7: HSH Interior Renovation Update

Very light work was done yesterday bc it rained all day. The bathroom door to the toilet/vanity area was installed and some trimwork completed. The rest of the crew could not work in the rain.
It was business as usual today though. The electricians completed the wiring in John's office today so his office work would not be disrupted. John likes to keep a very neat office when he is working. In fact, he had just recently did a major cleaning in there only to have it destroyed by the 'wrecking crew' today. Poor Max, John's dog, had to stay in the GWTW room, amongst all my stuff to keep out of the workers way. Lady, my dog, was free to roam around bc she always stays next to me. No chance in her running off like Max, the escape artist likes to do.
Dublin had a pretty bad rain/lightning storm this evening which caused me to loose my internet and wifi connection. I was researching and shopping for new lighting fixtures for the house. John did some painting upstairs this evening. The guest bedroom that John completed is now torn up from having the baseboards removed for wiring. The breezeway and backpart of the house will be routed for wiring as soon the last room in the front part of the house, the masterbedroom, is wired, tomorrow. I told the guys, no work will begin until after 10am! John does not have to work tomorrow. Yippie!..I have the flannel sheets on the bed so we will be toasty warm.
During the wiring of John's office today, with the baseboards off, I discovered beautiful cranberry and pink floral linen wallpaper hidden behind it along with many decades of 'crud' that had to be vacuumed out before the baseboards were put back up. Maybe that might explain why John's office stunk, not just the dog smells. Some pictures from today's work. Keep checking back for updates.


Day 6: HSH Interior Renovation Update

Another busy, noisy day of interior renovations at the Hardy Smith House have been successful. No rain! Just mostly cloudy. Yesterday, about 3:30pm, it rained, so a little time was lost. We needed a little stress relief today so we went on a walk with our dogs and the dogs played with each other in the front yard. Not much went on on day 5 so I did not post an entry.
The installation of the beadboard in the bathroom is nearing completion. All the walls and ceiling will be outfitted in beadboard and painted entirely in white. It looks really nice. The window nearest the toilet area needs framing work done. John has to search for the original window framing so the beadboard for that wall can be completed.
The wiring for electric except the installation of switches, covers, plates, ceiling fans and lights in all but two rooms in the house are done. The masterbedroom and John's office are the two rooms left that need to be wired. The installation of the floorboards in the bathroom began today. The crown molding will start in the bathroom tomorrow. The door for the toilet and sink area will be installed tomorrow along with the special door that will hide the hot water heater and washer/dryer.
We have about a week to select the ceiling fans and lights we want throughout the house. Shopping for them will be the fun part. A special linen closet in the bathroom has yet to be built/installed. Tomorrow, the building of the walls and trimwork should be finished. Then the re-bath people will come in, install the new toilet, sink, shower, mirror above the sink and lay the tile for the floor. Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy. Keep checking my blog for updates as the renovation continues.


Georgia National Fair- 2009

John and I took a break from the HSH restoration and decided to spend a day at the Georgia State Fair in Perry, GA. This year is the 20th anniversary of the fair. It is located off I-75, south of Macon. It is the largest fair in Georgia. The is the largest fair I have ever been to. We got there around 11:15am to watch the horse show, then we took in 3 rides, went to watch some more of the horse show and then we drove back to Dublin. We left the state fair around 6pm. It was a warm, sunny, almost clear day. I got a little sun. The EMS took some older lady past us who probably had heat exhaustion. Alot of walking. The food and rides were expensive. We also checked out some of the vendors inside some of the buildings on the grounds. I bought a Georgia National Fair pin..I am a pin collector and some click clacks. Going to the fair is one of those events I had to attend in order to confirm I now live in the 'deep south'. A few pictures to share from the fair today. Enjoy.


Moving all my stuff AGAIN

I have to move all my stuff out of the 'Gone With The Wind' room so the electricans can work monday. I have to store everything somewhere else..Luckily I won't have to move the washer and dryer...This is what I have to move..I am not looking forward to it and it is hot and sticky here today...In this picture it does not look all that bad however there are alot of black plastic tubs with yellow lids not in the picture. I have about 30 or so of them in the room. This picture was taken on a day when the room was the cleanest it has been since I moved in and I could actually find stuff..Today, forget it..It looks like a tornado came through...We had to move everything that was in the bathroom into this room as well as what was already in there.


Day 4: HSH Interior Renovation Update

Day 4 of the Hardy Smith House interior renovations are progressing successfully. I did not post a day 3 update because not much changed from day 2 to today.The house looks like a war zone. The bathroom wall framing is completely done. The bead board will be installed next. All the walls in the bathroom will be covered in bead board white. A 2 foot wide floor to ceiling linen closet needs to be built and installed. Luckily, we have just enough space for it. The entire bathroom will be painted white.
The guys arrived promptly at 8am and began their noisy work. I had to put my ear plugs in so I could sleep. Lady, my dog, was barking at the guys coming and going. The floor vents for all the rooms are almost completely installed. The duct work has started in the back of the house. All three bedrooms upstairs have been wired for electric. The final work for that is not done though. The downstairs wiring will begin soon. Hopefully, the guys will start wiring for electric in the back part of the house and do the the areas we are living in last. Below are a 3 pictures of the bathroom so you can see how work so far. Keep checking my blog for daily and or weekly updates.


Day 2: Hectic Day of Work at the HSH

Remembering the hectic stuff going on yesterday...The joys of country living. I forgot to add the guys who are doing the interior restoration work but you get the general idea. The saws going, the staple gun noises, the hammers, the destruction of 136 year old wood...ouch!!! Is 5pm here yet?

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