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HSH Update: 2nd Guest Bedroom

Hello all. Spring has sprung and Summer is almost here. It has been several months since I posted  my last entry. Life has been pretty busy at the Capt Hardy Smith house. The 2nd guest bedroom upstairs, except the floor is complete as of mid March 2012. It took many months of painstakingly hard work to repair the walls and floor boards to get the room ready to prime and paint. We choose seashell white for the walls and tan linen for the trim work. I look forward to decorating and moving my office in there soon.

We have had a very pleasant Spring so far this year. 'Mother Nature' has provided the much needed rain at the appropriate times for our new grass to green up and our Confederate Jasmine to grow and bloom.
The shady side of the house is still 'stubborningly' slow to grow grass in the bald spots we tried to eradicate last year. John planted new centipede seeds in March. We have had quite a bit of Magnolia leaf drop this year. Hopefully the cycle is about over. The two little Magnolia trees on the west side of the house are thriving. The 'Knock Out' rose bush given to us by our neighbor, Mary Townsend, is doing very well. I call it the 'Townsend' rose bush, in honor of Ms Townsend, who has lived across the street from the house since the 1940s.

A couple of days ago, John got under the house and started to clean out things out. He found a silver plated spoon from the early 1900s that perhaps a child may have used to play with.

He also found a cast iron cooking kettle that he just restored.

He found a gecko that changed color..It looked like a monster to me when I saw the picture of it. I told him to be careful with the black widow and recluse spiders under there. Who knows, the Confederate Gold may be hidden somewhere under the house. Time to get out the metal detector and other tools again...More treasures possibly await us to be discovered, who knows.

Our day business has picked up which leaves us just the weekends and a few hours during the week to focus on the house restoration. The money has to come from somewhere :)  So that is all for now on what is going on at the Capt Hardy Smith house. Keep checking back for updates as the renovation continues. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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