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Tour of Homes. The Capt Hardy Smith house

The local TV station here in Dublin interviewed John about the history of the Capt Hardy Smith house recently. Click on the following link and enjoy the show. Tour of Homes- The Capt Hardy Smith house


Renovation Update- HSH- July 2012

July 16, 2012 Capt Hardy Smith House
New gate on breezeway. Completed July 2012.
Good afternoon everyone. A typical warm, sunny mid July day here in Dublin, GA. The grass has been mowed and is green and beautiful. John just built from original wood, scraps from the house, a 'new' gate for the breezeway to keep our wandering dogs from escaping. It has a latch and handle to make coming and going easy. He may need to add more support to the side because of the weight. There are only 2 hinges on one side for support..

He is now working on repairing, caulking and priming the trim work on both sides of the breezeway (including all the railing) for the final coat of paint which will be an oil based semi gloss or possibly gloss white. After two years of attempting to get in contact with the owner to find out the paint color used on the exterior of the house that was once the president's home of North Georgia College up in Dahlonega, GA, success! John will be picking up a gallon of this very unique color in a couple of weeks. We want to duplicate the color on the Hardy Smith house. I think it will look beautiful. If things go as planned, the exterior paint work will start next year..Exterior trim work repairs need to be completed first. That will take some time to do. John wants to do as much work himself before we bring the pros in the finish the rest.
Exterior trimwork repair.
As you can see from the picture, John has been up on the ladder scraping off old paint, repairing and or replacing wood and sanding. I won't get up on that ladder. The railing on both sides of the new gate have been repaired, caulked, sanded and primed. I will help paint of course. That is the fun part :) . That is the progress report from the Capt Hardy Smith house for the month of July 2012. Keep checking back for more updates as the renovation/restoration continues.

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