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Red Neck Games-2009

Not knowing what to expect and being the good sport that I was, I decided to go to the Annual Redneck Games with John in July. It is blazing hot, like in the 90s with the humidity that I thought I was not going to make it. I got some heat exhaustion. The Redneck Games were started in 1996 as a response to the Atlanta Olympics. The original Redneck Games are here in East Dublin. There is one in Texas somewhere but they copied Dublin's. We visted the booths, went to various redneck events, like the toilet seat throwing contest and people flopping themselves in horrible red Georgia clay. Word of Caution: leave your good clothes and digital cameras at home unless you want to use them as future work clothes or your camera is mud and water proof.

With John's connections, we hung out with Rusty Henderson and some of his friends, sons of the Confederate Veterans. When Rusty drove up in 'The General' from 'The Dukes Of Hazzard' complete with a few Daisy Dukes and that familar horn sound, it was great. Alot of attention. The door on both sides of the car opened instead of crawling out.

When the mud flop contest started up again, a man with a backhoe, I thought he was just going take mud out of the pit to make it deeper to add more water. Well, with people at least 4 deep surrounding the pit, that man grabbed a load of mud, lifted it high in the air and dropped it back into the pit, getting disgusting red mud on everyone, me included. Totally unexpected. I tried to hide behind John so he could take the brunt of the mess but I was not spared.

It was fun but had to experience it. Alot of drinking and people proudly wearing their confederate garb in all forms. John cleaned off in the Oconee river like the other 'locals'. I was afraid to get in there thinking their would be gators in there. There have been past gator sightings in the Oconee but I am not sure in the Dublin area. You may find big snapper turtles though. They are nasty and aggressive. I was chicken to get in bc of the gator thing. I was filthy from the mud pit. I decided to do the easier misty route instead. Check out these pictures and google RedNeck games on google to find out more about the event. It was a hoot watching all the stuff going on. Will I go next year? Does the look on my face tell the story?

I have a year to think about it.

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