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The Bathroom at the HSH is FINALLY finished

The bathroom is FINALLY finished! The crown molding and ceiling are painted and ready to showcase to the world! There are blinds in the windows too! Attention to detail is very important. The bathroom sure has come a long way since John bought the place almost 3 years ago. Look for additional pictures on the Hardy Smith House blog. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the Capt Hardy Smith House link. Updates to come soon.

Today, John is re-sanding,repairing and repainting the master bedroom doors because our dogs like to come and go. Looks like tomorrow, the new grass will need to be mowed for the first time on the west side of the house. The grass was not all planted at the same time so it is coming in in stages. It is a war between the weeds and the grass right now. I just came in from pulling weeds in the yard so the grass can spread out and grow. We have gotten some much needed rain on and off for the past several days which has helped grow the grass. I am in the process of locating about 300 more old bricks to complete the lining of the walkway to the mailbox and to purchase about 11 more bags of small river pebbles for the garden where the palm tree is.

We have visitors come by and check on our progress quite a bit. John's friend, Rusty, came by to see how things were going. Working on an old house requires patience, persistence and a lot of work. Just laying all the bricks in the walkway and steps area just about wore me out but the end result is beauty.  A couple of nights ago, John's dog, Max, found a bat flying in the back room which one day will be the formal dining area. They are trying to re-home in the house and we won't let them. When John bought the place, there were hundreds of them and now they are gone. We have chimney sweep birds and the usual rodents that make their appearance from time to time. They can check in but won't be checking out.

Tomorrow, John will resume repair and second coating of yellow in the downstairs hallway so that pictures can be hung. I look forward to that. He will be working his way back upstairs to complete the yellow then he will begin the pale green accenting in the upstairs hallway. Then finishing the staining the floor.

Keep checking back for updates to the ongoing labor of love.

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