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Happy New Year...2014....It has been a rather unseasonably cold winter here in the Southeast particularly Dublin, GA. Living in an 140 year old house not built to withstand below normal winter temperatures for long stretches at a time makes living somewhat challenging. About two weeks ago, the temperatures got into the teens, causing our pipes to freeze then thaw and burst. John, my resident plumber, fixed the problem. Then about 5 days ago, a crack developed in one of the pipes. It burst too..Off to the home improvement store to get supplies to fix it. We lost pressure with the result of no water however we do have our well. We can always draw beautiful clean and crisp water from the well for our needs...

Nearly two weeks ago, Dublin barely escaped a crippling snow/ice storm that impacted the Atlanta and Macon metro areas. I was unable to travel to work for 3 straight days. Today, right now, Dublin, along with all of Georgia are in the cross hairs of a crippling ice storm. We still have power at the moment, however as the day progresses and as the cold rain changes over to freezing rain, we may have to revert to early 19th century living. The office where I work, is closed today and most likely will be closed tomorrow as the ice storm progresses, making travel nearly impossible if not dangerous. So today, we will be hunkering down and staying warm and dry.

I went back to the corporate work world over a year ago, so my blog entries have been few and far between. I have updated a smartphone scan link to my main page of my blog so you can view my blog on the fly. Check it out!

Please be sure to check out John's blog for the most recent updates since my full time job limits me to post timely events going on at the Hardy Smith House. John's blog  and Hardy Smith House Facebook Page

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