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My Life in Dublin, GA blog has a new look

The front porch/entryway
 at the Hardy Smith House
Good Afternoon All. After almost two years working on 'My Life in Dublin, GA' blog, I decided it was time to update the appearance to more accurately reflect Dublin life, history and my life living in the oldest home in town, The Capt Hardy Smith House. I hope you enjoy the new look. If there is anything you like for me to add to make the blog more enjoyable to read, please send your comments along.

The metal bucket from the well at the
Hardy Smith House. Photo courtesy of:
Scott Thompson

As the month of February draws to a close, it is time to get ready for March and the St Patrick's Day festivities planned for the entire month in celebration of Dublin's Irish heritage. Check the local newspaper, The Courier Herald for the most up to date events.
For your convenience, copy/paste this link:
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It is a .PDF file that you can save to your computer and print out). Be sure to bring your family and friends for a fun month of all things green and Irish. Don't forget to wear green or you may get a friendly pinch.

Spring is definitely in the air here in Dublin. Today was the second day the temperature actually hit 80 degrees. The Bradford Pear Trees with their white blooms are abundant all over town. Daffodils in white and yellow are blooming in the yard and at Stubbs Park where I played tennis today. Tomorrow will be sunny and in the low 80s. I am ready for spring! 

Since my last blog entry, all has been quiet at the Capt Hardy Smith House. We have a lot of projects planned for the spring and into the summer, so be sure to check my blog frequently. One of the first things planned is to add more seeding of the grass to fill in bare spots in the yard with a completion date by the end of April. Last year, we planted grass seed into May, but found it was too hot for roots to take hold. A lesson learned. Don't plant seed after April if you live in the Deep South or there is a high probability it will burn up in the day time heat. Spring officially arrives on March 20th, so the work will begin in the yard around that time. The weeds are coming up in abundance in the yard so weed killer will fix that quickly.

Once the weather gets consistently hot, around the end of April, we will return to the inside of the house and resume work in 'The Gone With The Wind' room. Happy spring everyone!


Spring is in the air at the Hardy Smith House

With most of the cold, chilly nights at the Hardy Smith House behind us, we can now enjoy the birth of new life that welcomes the start of spring. This has been the first week where days have been in the 70s with sunshine. Time to think about planting and preparing the yard for the long, hot summer season ahead.

We are making slow but steady progress inside the Hardy Smith House. The 'Gone With The Wind' room is almost ready for painting! All the priming, caulking and repairs are nearing completion. We decided on Victorian era colors..deep, rich and vibrant. We are almost decided on the color scheme but will withhold speculation until we are 100% decided. Once the painting is completed, work will begin on the flooring. Wallpapering of the room will be done at sometime in the future. Window treatments in the room will be going up this season.

The next room on our to do list will be John's office. The walls are in excellent condition. The flooring, windows and trim need work. Thanks for visiting my blog and keep checking back as the restoration effort continues on the Hardy Smith House.

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