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Ice Storm of 2011

Happy New Year from the Capt Hardy Smith House. Today is January 10th. Our first but a rare winter weather maker of the year, an ice storm. A major storm slammed the state of Georgia overnight Sunday and Dublin did not escape mother natures wrath. The city of Dublin basically shut down due to its inability to clear roads due to lack of snow removal equipment. Because winter events like this not to mention the 12/26/2010 snow Dublin received, are unusual, this holiday and post holiday season has turned out to be interesting indeed. 

We are keeping warm at the Hardy Smith house. The 'Gone With The Wind' room or 'Parlor room' priming is finished, except for the ceiling. Cold air was coming into the room so John located the problem areas and used foam insulation to seal them. Once the 3 remaining walls are caulked, final touch-up repairs on the windows completed, then the painting begins. We have not decided on colors yet. Because there is so much light that comes into the room during the day, the color of the walls will be much darker/cooler  than other rooms in the house. This will be the most formal of the rooms in the front part of the house to be completed. 

That is all that is happening at the Hardy Smith house. Keep checking back for updates. 

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