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Progress update on ongoing projects at the Capt Hardy Smith house.

Good Afternoon and welcome to my blog! It has been a VERY LONG TIME since my last entry. I went back to work full-time late last year. So time that I could devote to my blog has been very limited. John has gotten very busy with his 'day job' work. We don't see each other much except on weekends. It is a cool, rainy day here in Dublin today. John has kept up with progress of projects at the house than I can duplicate here. Be sure to check out John's blog by clicking here:  John's blog

John finally, after nearly two years, completed my office upstairs, above his office. Check out the before and after photos of the room by checking out John's blog. The completed photos I have captured below. My laptop crashed earlier this year and I lost all of my Hardy Smith House photos. I am so incredibly fortunate to have my own office as beautiful as this. I wanted to keep the elements as traditional as possible. All rooms in the house have fireplaces. Two out of the three rooms upstairs are now complete.

The room adjoining my office will be converted into a bathroom/dressing room/closet for my clothes. To communicate, if he is in the root cellar working and I am up here in my office, we use walkie talkies. Very handy. I still need to add furniture, pictures, window treatments but a far cry from the storage room it once was. The mirror above the fireplace was donated to the house. The back dates it to September 10, 1927. My birthday is September 10th. The things on the fireplace mantel are 'pieces of my past' and present that I wanted to display. The colors of the room were chosen by me to have a light, airy, breezy feel since we both love the sea. The floor was in relatively good shape but the perfectionist that John is, spent many hours getting it to what it is now. We have mini blinds in all rooms in the front part of the house only at this time. 

The chair in the last photo belonged to my family. I got it from my mom to display in my office. My dad loved this chair. Just having it in this room adds a beautiful touch. Notice the results of the wood floor. Reminds me a little of home in Indiana. 

John has completed the floor restoration in the hallway downstairs. The root cellar has been converted into another 'Man Cave' for John. John is building root cellar wood doors for the windows using 100+ year old timbers that he had milled several months ago. He plans to use some of that wood to build me a office desk. John restored the screen doors to the front door and breezeway and are up now. Outside trim work in the breezeway area has been repaired, restored and painted. We have a sunflower garden in the back part of the house that is growing and doing well now. We lost one of our dogs, 'Lady', to illness and age the end of May. She was 16 years old. She and Max, our other dog, have been buddies and were nearly inseparable in the years they were together. Our house is a little quieter. Maybe one day, we will get another dog. 

Time to go do laundry and onto other projects ongoing at the house. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Be sure to visit again and often.  

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