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The 'Gone with The Wind' room is done

Hello all. The harsh, dry and oppressively hot summer has ended. The first day of  Fall is officially 2 days away. For the past two days Dublin has been receiving much needed and steady rainfall. I can almost see our yard at the Capt Hardy Smith house 'green up' right before my eyes.

This weekend is the annual 'Possum Hollow Festival' in Dexter, GA. What fun that will be. If it rains, that is ok because we sure need it. Check out:  Possum Hollow Festival  or try this link:  C'mon out to the festival. What a way to kick off the first weekend of Fall!

The 'Gone With The Wind' room is 95% complete. The hardwood floor needs to be restored. That project will start once the cooler weather is in place. We have spent a year, on and off, repairing windows, mantel/trim-work, moving walls, painting the 'Gone With The Wind' room. The picture to the left is the room as it looks today. The picture to the right, taken about 2007, shows the room before renovation started. What a difference painstaking effort makes! The result is beauty and elegance. The owners of The Courier Herald Newspaper, Griffin & Diane Lovett and their daughter, T.J, came over for a tour last week to check our progress.

We have redesigned the upstairs first guest bedroom for a more traditional look. I have dedicated this room in memory of my late brother, Frederick 'Fritz' Robbins Fortner. May he forever rest in peace. His spirit will forever live on at the Hardy Smith house.

Next on the restoration list will be the floor work in the downstairs hallway, 'Gone With The Wind' room and John's office. That work will begin once cooler weather sets in. In addition, we have some work left to complete in the master- bedroom. The corner molding needs to be installed, primed and painted. The floor trimwork needs to be primed, painted and sealed. I will be in charge of the painting and John will do the installation. The next room on the list, will be what John calls the 'green' room. That room is in pretty good shape structurally. We are using that room for storage right now.

John's office is 95% complete. The hardwood floor only needs to be done. He has spent a little over a month painting, staining, repairing windows and a section of the floor that had rotted with air coming in from the outside. That patch work has been completed. He stained all the walls and ceiling and it looks beautiful. How many offices do you see that look like this?

That is all for today from the Hardy Smith house, restoration committee VP. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and continue to check back for updates as the renovation continues. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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