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The painting in 'The Gone With The Wind' room has started

We started to paint the 'Gone With The Wind' room 3 days ago. The colors we chose are: Cranberry for the walls and Ivory Lace for the trim-work, door and mantel. John put two coats of the Cranberry on..I was a little worried that it would be too cherry looking. After two coats of the Cranberry had dried, it dried dark and it looks nice. We are using semi gloss on the trim-work and satin on the walls. The ceiling will be a flat white.
Once the painting of the walls are complete, the gold, gilded border that was original in the room, will be put back up in its original location.

We are excited about the prospect of finishing the painting in that room. FINALLY! John has been so busy with making a living that house improvements had to be put on hold for awhile. Now, we are back on track for completing that room, (except the floor) within a month or so. After three days, we ran out of Cranberry paint to finish the walls. We will probably need 4 more gallons to finish all the walls with 2 coats. It is looking beautiful in there now. John discovered today, in the light, that the ceiling will need a third coat of white paint. We ran out of white paint as well, so painting will resume most likely next week. Check out the progress pictures.

Once 'The Gone With The Wind' room is painted, then John's office will be worked on next. He plans to stain  the walls and ceiling instead of painting them to bring out the richness in the wood. He will need to insulate/plug any drafty areas due to the shifting of the foundation as well as seal/repair the windows. The floors in the 'GWTW' room, downstairs hallway and John's office will be worked on most likely this fall, when the weather is cooler.

Other updates. We had to re design/modify the driveway and remove the historical marker so that we can enter and exit to the street safely. The historical marker will be re-positioned to another area in front of the house. Aside from putting down gravel in the new driveway, the basic yard landscaping is pretty much complete. The very harsh drought situation in middle Georgia that we have experienced all summer so far, has taxed the growth of our new grass. There are bare spots in the yard that will have to be reseeded next spring. I am surprised water restrictions have not been put in place here in Dublin. The grass in the yard from the rain events we experienced Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, greened up the yard nicely. Hope it continues because Georgia is still in a severe drought situation.

That is the progress report for the Hardy Smith House for this week. Thanks for visiting my blog and check back as we continue home improvements.

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