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2011 Dublin, GA St Patrick's Parade and Festival are Over :( - 4.8 K

Today is the first day of spring, 2011. Came in like a lamb. The sun tried to peek through the clouds earlier today but the skies remained mostly cloudy. The temperatures got into the 70s. Not only was yesterday, Saturday, the super moon, the first in 18 years, but also the warmest day so far of 2011, with a high of 88 degrees with bright sunshine with light and variable winds.

We got to the parade at 10:00 am to get our yearly spot in front of the
Morris Bank sign. The parade started at 10:30 am and ended around 12:30 pm. It was a very enjoyable parade and longer than last year. About midway through the parade, someone got heat stroke and the paramedics were called in. It was a young man who probably forgot to stay hydrated. We brought bottled water with us in order to stay hydrated throughout the parade so we would not become heatstroke victims ourselves but to also prepare for our two tennis matches that we were scheduled to play over in Stubbs Park for the St Patrick's Tennis Tournament later that afternoon. Success. We made it to the final round of mixed doubles and went three sets of a nearly 2 hr match this morning however our old bodies could not outlast our younger, more fit opponents.

After my match today, I went home showered and came back to watch the finals of the other matches. The show of support reminded me of my Atlanta ALTA days less the enormous supply of food, fruit and drinks. Looks like everyone had a great time playing. The winners and finalists got trophies and all participants got a t-shirt. We went to check out the festival at Southern Pines. Most of the fun was under roof at the AG complex. Most of the vendors that came to Stubbs Park last year came to the AG complex this year with a few new ones.

All and all, a great weekend and perfect weather. Thanks for visiting my blog and be sure to check back often   on what is happening in Dublin, GA and at the Capt Hardy Smith house.

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